Why I’m Excited For Value-Based Care

I’m excited for Value-Based Care because it shows that healthcare providers and insurance companies are finally starting to focus on what really matters: the patient.

Instead of focusing on how much a hospital can charge for a procedure, or how many times you’ve seen your doctor, Value-Based Care focuses on what’s going to help you get better. It doesn’t just look at your symptoms — it looks at the whole person and their situation to figure out what’s best.

I think this is critical because it means we’re moving away from a system where profit is the most important thing and toward one where people come first.

In the past, healthcare providers have focused on their own needs and those of their employees. This has led to a system where doctors are incentivized to perform more procedures than necessary, which leads to unnecessary costs for patients.

Now that healthcare providers and insurance companies are beginning to see the value in prioritizing patients over everything else, we can start making real progress toward affordable healthcare for everyone.

Healthcare is moving towards value-based care, but it’s been slow

That’s because healthcare providers have had to change their ways and adapt to a new way of thinking. For example, doctors used to be paid for the number of procedures they performed. Now, they’re being paid for the quality of care their patients receive.

This change has been difficult for many doctors because it means that they have to start thinking about how each treatment affects a patient’s overall health and well-being instead of just focusing on one problem at a time.

But this is good news for patients! It means that doctors are more likely to offer holistic care that addresses your overall needs rather than just treating the symptoms of whatever disease you may have at the moment. This helps prevent complications down the line and keeps you healthy longer!



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